About Us

The CompareMeetings.com team is comprised of many of the most talented managers, leaders, web designers, online payment specialist and software developers in the meeting & events sector today. Our company is professional and dependable but still nimble and responsive. We have been responsible for many of the many of the most innovative moves in the online meetings arena in recent years.

CompareMeetings.com is an infinitely scalable platform designed to provide hotels with a low-cost, high quality, international booking platform that allows them to reach online meeting and event organisers and to develop a direct relationship with them. It is powered by our unique real-time meeting and group booking software and has global multi-lingual and multi-currency capability. The site can be a simple introducer to the hotel or it can be the merchant of record, based on the hotels requirements.

The First Real-Time Meeting Booking & Payment Software for Hotels

Our company developed and launched Meetings Maker in 2013, the first enterprise grade software that enabled hotels to make their meetings viewable, bookable and payable on their own website. We then added group bedroom booking which allowed group organisers to book smaller bedroom blocks instantly, or request larger blocks, at the same time as they were making their meeting booking. eRFP is the latest addition to the product with an advanced hosted model allowing multiple hotels, within a group, to coordinate their response and swiftly create a highly professional proposal for the customer.

Unique Opera Integration

Our systems include a unique integration with Oracle MICROS Opera Sales & Catering. We are the only company in the world with this integration which uses OWS-SC, a new instant, two-way, read-write interface. Meeting bookings made online with our system appear in Opera just like they were typed into the backend of Sales & Catering by a staff member. Every detail is automatically populated including customer, room, catering, equipment and payment details.

CompareMeetings.com Link with Meetings Maker

Our software enables hotels to offer their customers an outstanding instant booking journey for meetings on their own website. This allows hotels to attract direct bookings and build a strong relationship with their meeting and event customers. There are times however when a meeting organiser wants to see a range of brands in a particular market. We built ComapreMeetings.com to provide organisers with access to a range of brands but retain the benefit of being able to see real-time availability and pricing and of course to make a booking instantly. CompareMeetings.com delivers to hotels the extended reach of multi-brand platform, whilst still allowing them to retain their direct relationship with the customer.

We Are a Rewarding Company to Work With

We love what we do and it shows. The great majority of the CompareMeetings.com team would be working at the company without even being paid, and many did just that for the first year. We love the challenge of working with some of the largest and most experienced hotel groups in the world and showing them how real-time booking can significantly change their world. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

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